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She, alongside together with her brother, have been both sent to the mainland after their mother was murdered. Steve went to the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California while she lived with their Aunt Deb several hours away. She is the “black sheep” of the family, wandering from job to job, and was said to be dwelling in Los Angeles when Steve returns to Hawaii for good. In a scene deleted from the Pilot episode, Steve mentions bailing her out of bother more than once and maintaining it from their father to “let Dad go to his grave believing that you had been his excellent little girl”. She takes a job as a flight attendant however give up after her so-called friend Angela had betrayed her and took benefit of her naivete to be a mule for trafficking blood diamonds. In season three Mary returned to Hawaii working as a caretaker, initially not eager to reconnect with Doris she later meets her after strong encouragement from Steve and the individual she was caring after. In the Season three premiere, Joe White brings Steve to Suruga Bay in Japan where mother and son are reunited.
In the reboot, the character features extra in Steve’s life and reconnected with him. Ocean view room has unbelievable views of each the ocean and Diamond Head. The beds are cozy, loads of space for two of us, we’d have appreciated a chair to set in. The Concierge was very helpful with which trolley to make use of to get around the seaside space. Orona informed police that Lamb was watching her three youngsters the night before her son was killed while she worked a sandwich store shift, courtroom paperwork stated. Frank Delano is a corrupt former HPD homicide detective who based his own criminal syndicate composed solely of former cops.
Smoke Shop in Honolulu, Hawaii
In the season 8 episode I Ka Wa Ma Mua, I Ka Wa Ma Hope Will is an adult is marrying Grace. Stan Edwards Grace Williams is the daughter of Danny Williams and Rachel Edwards. Her parents divorced within the timeline before the pilot and she moved to Hawaii with her mom and millionaire new stepfather. She attends the Academy of the Sacred Heart, a fictional non-public school, and participates in the cheerleading staff.


He would repeatedly give excuses or evade McGarrett’s persistent questions in regards to the true identification of Shelburne. As a outcome, McGarrett, despite seeing him as a father figure, regards him with some distrust. Despite the reality that he not appears on the sequence, the producers have confirmed that he will be appearing in an episode of MacGyver. Despite Grover’s rocky introduction to the Five-0 group, he has since turn out to be a valued member of the group. McGarrett would light-heartedly joke about Grover being a “metropolis empire glassworks mini sushi narwhal dabber boy” out of his component on a tropical island while Grover would poke fun about McGarrett getting himself into trouble due to his refusal to ask for assist. Unlike McGarrett, Danny Williams took longer to merely accept Grover however they bond over the truth that they’re the only members of the group with youngsters and would typically vent their frustrations to 1 one other about parenting points.

They marry at the end of the season, however in the Season 6 pilot they’re tortured by Chin’s brother-in-law, Gabriel, who runs away with Adam’s cash. Without the money the yakuza’s men persecute Adam and he is pressured to kill them earlier than discovering that Gabriel has paid off his debt with the yakuza. Upset, Adam goes to the police with Kono and he accords for an 18 months reclusion.
McGarrett returns to Hawaii and places Doris into custody under his girlfriend Catherine Rollins . Chin avenges his spouse’s demise by capturing Delano after an intense gun battle, ending with Delano working out of bullets and Chin selecting to kill him anyway.
Unbeknownst to him, it was a part of Captain Fryer’s plot to arrest Delano and his associates. Delano was killed by Chin after Five-0 cornered him and his crew in the season three premiere. His brother Paul (portrayed by William Baldwin’s real-life brother Daniel) later seeks revenge by drugging and kidnapping Chin. His brother is killed in Season 2 and Kaleo is lastly killed in Season three by Chin Ho Kelly when he tries to kill him.

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Her father owned a bar known as “Aces High” but was shot and killed in a botched robbery nineteen years ago. A homeless man was prosecuted however the case eventually went cold because of the lack of credible witnesses and proof. In a quantity of episodes she aided the Five-0 Task Force by securing arrest warrants or offering advice. Portrayed by Kelly HuLaura Hills, Gov. Jameson’s public security liaison. In the season 1 finale it’s revealed that she was sending McGarett proof from his “Champ” box. McGarrett can additionally be framed for her homicide after his fingerprints have been present in her house.
Gabriel Waincroft is the youthful brother of Malia Waincroft, the late wife of Chin Ho Kelly. As an adolescent he repeatedly obtained into trouble with the law and Malia went to Chin, then her boyfriend, for help in setting him straight. Gabriel was initiated into a gang after killing Chin’s father and rose via the ranks of the Culiacan cartel based mostly in Sinaloa, Mexico. With Wo Fat’s demise, Waincroft is now the group’s major antagonist. In “Pa’a Ka ‘ipuka I Ka ‘Upena Nananana”, he was badly wounded and died in surgical procedure from cardiac arrest.
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Ed Asner portrayed the character in the unique series and was considered one of several actors who returned to the 2010 reboot. Minor characters, ex-cops and informantsSang Min Soo is an informant and former snakehead who was related to Wo Fat and imprisoned on the mainland for his security after he testified in opposition to his former associates. He chooses to be transferred to Halawa to be nearer to his young son. His appearances are sometimes met with annoyance by the Five-0 team as he would mock McGarrett and Chin, attempt to rile Danny up or crack inappropriate jokes at Kono (he calls her “Spicy Hot”). The group typically tolerate him as he does present priceless and much-needed intel for the group on several events. Michelle Shioma is the daughter of the late Goro Shioma and his successor as head of the Hawaiian Yakuza. Introduced in season 6, she is looking for revenge after Gabriel Waincroft has her father assassinated in an attempt to realize control of the legal underworld in Hawaii.
In “Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mālie”, Adam is shot by Gabriel Waincroft, who runs away with the cash that Adam would use to distance himself from the Yakuza. Almost instantly after Adam killed two Yakuza thugs in “Piko Pau ‘iole” to save lots of himself and Kono, Gabriel buys off Adam’s debt in order dankstop full spiral fumed mini spoon pipe for his cartel to staff up with the head of the Hawaiian Yakuza. After a brief authorized battle he’s sentenced to 18 months in prison, which was agreed on since he had been performing in self-defense.

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McGarrett flatly turns her down as he felt she solely requested him to do so for political causes and boost her ratings. Once he realizes he had no jurisdiction over the investigation, he shortly accepts the job and units the “Governor’s Task Force”, which came to be called “Five-0”.
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Ellie reveals that prior to his dying, John had referred to as her as much as inform her that he had discovered new evidence. McGarrett remembers discovering a “Aces High” matchbook in his father’s Champ toolbox and decides to reopen the case in reminiscence of his father. Five-solves the case with the help of a young drug runner whom Paul had tried to assist back then and wished to repay Paul for his kindness. Danny proposed Ellie as a potential love interest, however McGarrett rapidly shoots down the thought, saying that due to her connection to his father, they could only be pals. She tries to set a reluctant McGarrett up with numerous girls out of concern that he was too consumed with his work. McGarrett eventually begins a relationship with one of the women, Lynn. Portrayed by Mirrah FoulkesEllie Clayton is a lawyer and Deputy District Attorney launched within the season 5 episode “Hoʻoilina / Legacy”.

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Portrayed by Terry O’QuinnLieutenant Commander Joe White, USN (Ret.) (born July 9, 1954) was Steve McGarrett’s former SEAL trainer and a long-time pal of John McGarrett and mentor to Steve. A Wisconsin native, he’s a “mustang”, having been a grasp chief petty officer earlier than gaining a commission and retiring as a lieutenant commander.
Featured facilities include a enterprise middle, limo/town car service, and categorical check-in. This resort has amenities measuring square feet , including convention space.

She returns once more in the eighth season’s twentieth episode, getting Steve’s help once again to search out somebody making dirty bombs out of an unused navy bunker’s depleted uranium. In the season four episode “Makani ʻolu a holo malie/Fair Winds and Following Seas”, Cath persuades McGarrett to go with her to Afghanistan to find a younger boy named Najib. Najib’s father had saved her when she was injured and separated from her unit while deployed to Kabul.

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Jenna later discovers that Josh had been useless the entire time and that it was additionally a entice for her. She is ready to tell McGarrett she is sorry for setting him up and offers him a pin from Josh’s knee repair to assist him escape, moments before Wo Fat shoots and kills her.
Despite being a crack shot and armed, ballistic evidence confirmed that she had deliberately shot away from him, which she attributed to her nerves and shock over Wo Fat’s sudden look, but Steve refuses to consider her story. In the third-season finale she leaves Hawaii with Kono and Adam to assist them evade the Yakuza with her promising to Steve that her story is “To be continued.”. Over the subsequent two seasons, bits and pieces of Doris’ connection to Wo Fat are revealed. Steve solely learns the complete reality after he was kidnapped and tortured by Wo Fat in the one hundredth episode.
A long-time pal of McGarrett’s father and Chin and Kono’s household, he taught Steve, Mary and Kono the way to surf as children and is seen as a fatherly figure by them. He is also a history fanatic and participates in historical reenactments of Ancient Hawaiian society. Portrayed by Julie BenzAbby Dunn is a Detective for the HPD and is the girlfriend of Chin Ho Kelly. She held the rank of Inspector at the San Francisco Police Department and was briefly assigned to the Five-0 task force as SFPD meant to start an identical task pressure. However, it’s revealed that she had been compelled by an FBI agent with a grudge towards Five-0 to tail them and discover a purpose to shut the task drive down. She discloses this info to Chin after beginning a relationship with him and resigns from the SFPD as nicely as Five-0, transferring to the HPD to turn out to be a detective.
In “Aia I Hi’Ikua; I Hi’Ialo”, Adam returns home, depressed by his break-up with Kono. However, Danny helps him through his ache and as a thank you for everything he has done, he presents Adam a spot on Five-0 which he accepts. Isabel Ortega Jerry Ortega is a conspiracy theorist who lives in his mother’s basement who often assists the Five-0 Task Force with varied cases.
The group encounter him once more in season 6 throughout an investigation right into a case involving a useless counterfeiter and his stash of counterfeit hundred-dollar bills discovered on a quantity of homicide victims. Hirsch currently runs his own crime scene clean-up firm as a half of his plan to “reform” and live an sincere life. His expertise as a extremely expert former forger and intensive data of artwork historical past have come into handy at instances. Portrayed by Kekoa KekumanoIn the episode “Poina ʻOle / Not Forgotten”, Nahele was first launched as a homeless juvenile delinquent who stole McGarrett’s prized vintage Marquis and stripped it for scrap metal. McGarrett decides to not file expenses after learning that Nahele was living on the streets after working away from his short-term guardian, his negligent uncle, and that his only father or mother, his father, has been in prison since he was eight. Kamekona agrees to let Nahele work for him as a waiter at the shrimp truck as a part of the settlement that McGarrett will not file expenses if Nahele retains his finish of the discount to remain out of hassle. Since then he has looked as a lot as McGarrett as a mentor and an older brother figure.
Cath is first launched within the Season 1 episode “Lanakila”, when McGarrett calls her for “a favor”. Later within the season, she stays with him whereas on go away, resulting in Danny commenting on how McGarrett had “that stupid smile” regardless of being referred to as in on a Saturday to work a murder-abduction case. The character is based on Lori Wilson, interpreted by Sharon Farrell within the unique sequence of 1968. He was enjoying the piano after which wordlessly proceeded to clarify the sufferer’s reason for dying to Danny and McGarrett, before finally greeting them and introducing himself. He has the tendency to rattle off trivia, prompting the Five-0 team to chop him off and tell him to get to the purpose. Despite his lack of social abilities, he does get along with the opposite members of Five-0.
Cath makes a surprise return in the season 5 finale for Kono and Adam’s wedding. Steve welcomes her with a hug when she surprises him at his yard.

Buy any 4 or extra small stickers and save 25%, or purchase 10 or extra and save 50%. Because as all cool folks know, every thing’s extra awesome with a skateboarding Grim Reaper stuck to it. Weirdly meaningful designs to stick on your laptop, water bottle, wherever. Jason “JC” Dekker is a former gang chief and small-time arms vendor who was re-arrested for violating his parole. The Five-0 Task Force crossed paths with him whereas investigating the murder of an undercover ATF agent within the episode “Ua Nalohia / In Deep”. Joe was killed in season 9, because of Greer’s treason (Steve’s ex lover). White was one of the few individuals who knew about Shelburne however he refused to disclose it to McGarrett as he knew it would solely damage him even more emotionally.
In different casting developments, Lenkov revealed on his Twitter feed that Carlos Bernard had joined the show. He declined to identify which role Bernard would play, however did say that the producers hoped he would appear in “many eps”. One episode was slated to flash again to Danny’s New Jersey police days when he needed to cope with Rhames’s character, resulting in a attainable recurring role in the present. McGarrett meets her by probability when he sees her placing flowers on his father’s grave and accosts her. She reveals that John was the uniformed officer who responded to the scene of her father’s homicide. Every Christmas since then he would go to her and give her a gift. According to Chin, John made an effort to maintain in touch together with her, partly out of guilt and regret for sending his two kids away.

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After a bitter struggle to the dying, McGarrett kills him with a bullet to the pinnacle. He appears in one episode, Ma lalo o ka ‘ili, touring to Hawaii to salvage his marriage to Clara. The character was introduced again from the unique sequence and was portrayed by Helen Hayes, the real-life mother of James MacArthur, who portrayed Danny Williams. Portrayed by Richard T. JonesGovernor Samuel “Sam” Denning was Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, replacing Gov. Jameson after her dying. He is far more “by the e-book” and withdraws his predecessor’s assurance to the Five-0 Task Force of “full immunity and means”. Instead, he brings in former federal agent Lori Weston as a “spy” to maintain McGarrett and the relaxation of Five-0 in line, a lot to their displeasure.
Portrayed by Larisa OleynikJenna Kaye is an ex-CIA analyst, assistant to Five-0. At the top of “Ha’i’ole”, she is seen driving Wo Fat away from the prison after he murdered Victor Hesse. She leaves Five-0 to follow up on a lead that her fiancé, Josh, who she claimed had been killed by Wo Fat, would possibly in fact be alive and asks Steve to go along with her to North Korea to get him. It seems to be a trap for McGarrett, from Wo Fat telling Jenna he would launch Josh if she introduced him McGarrett, explaining her association with him.
  • He chooses to be transferred to Halawa to be nearer to his young son.
  • Five-solves the case with the assistance of a young drug runner whom Paul had tried to help back then and wished to repay Paul for his kindness.
  • He declined to identify which position Bernard would play, but did say that the producers hoped he would appear in “many eps”.
  • Gerard Hirsch is a recognized conman who did time in Halawa after being arrested in the episode “Uaʻaihue” for stealing a Van Gogh portray and for forgery.

Chun himself also performed various minor characters all through the unique series. (episode 10.20)Portrayed byDennis ChunOther appearancesMagnum P.I.In-universe informationTitleSergeantOccupationHPDSpouseNalaniSergeant Duke Lukela is a veteran HPD officer who often acts as a liaison to Five-0. In “Hookman”, he was shot by Curt Stoner , but survived and recovered. He is married to Nalani (portrayed by Chun’s real-life partner Laura Mellow.) They have a granddaughter. Maggie Hoapili Kamekona Tupuola is the proprietor of Waiola Shave Ice, Kamekona’s Shrimp Truck and Kamekona’s Helicopter Tours.
He has been released on parole as of the season 7 episode “Ka ‘Aelike / The Deal”. John McGarrett , Doris McGarrett ChildrenJoan McGarrett RelativesDebora McGarrett , Steven McGarrett , Mary Ann McGarrett is the youthful ronin glass chigiriki layered recycler with matrix perc sister of Steve McGarrett.
Last 12 months, Leatherman chose a seaside outside of Hawaii as a result of, he stated, island lockdowns and quarantine guidelines made it almost unimaginable for individuals to visit. For many years of rankings, any seaside that received the top spot on Leatherman’s listing was ineligible for inclusion in subsequent years. But in 2015, Dr. Beach cleared the slate to allow any seashore within the nation to once again be eligible, although new winners are actually being retired. Environmental Protection Agency to grade the seashores on water quality and has been to all of the beaches on his list.
Junior had initially deliberate to return to marry his high school sweetheart Layla after a tour but re-enlisted with out consulting her, leading to them breaking apart. He left the Navy with the rank of Special Warfare Operator 2nd class. Junior Reigns RelativesKoa Rey Tani Rey was first introduced in the season eight premiere as a lifeguard who was kicked out of the police academy for dishonest. She initially turned him down nevertheless she later changed her thoughts and finally grew to become an officer on the Five-0 Task Force.

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He is then provided a job by Tani Rey the now leader of the Five-0 Task Force. In the season 9 episode, “A’ohe Mea ‘Imi A Ka Maka”, Tani checks the gun’s ballistics and make sure it was the homicide weapon.
In season three he and McGarrett come to a mutual settlement to be open with each other about investigations, with McGarrett stating that Governor Jameson’s dishonesty was what received her killed. Although not all the time agreeing with McGarrett’s style, Governor Denning does vouch for and backs him when necessary. For example, he dismisses Lou Grover’s grievance against McGarrett in season four and as a substitute forces the both of them to serve a warrant collectively and work out their differences themselves. Portrayed by Al HarringtonMamo owns a surf rental shop at Waikiki Beach.
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In season 4, she pays Steve a surprise visit for Thanksgiving and reveals that she had stage four cancer. In season 5, she agrees to go for chemotherapy and her mind tumor has shrunk.

In the one hundredth episode she is seen in the same episode that Victor Hesse is in in search of her fiancé who was in a motorcycle accident. Portrayed by Christine LahtiDoris McGarrett is the wife of the late John McGarrett and mom of Steve and Mary Ann McGarrett. She was presumably murdered by a automobile bomb when Steve was aged fifteen or sixteen.
She is talked about in the episode “Pono Kaulike / Justice for All” the place she uses her contacts to keep her son protected from a rogue CIA agent who attempts to have Danny and Chin framed to cover his tracks. Steve was ready to use the knowledge she offered to Joe White to exonerate his co-workers.
During Pro Bowl weekend, when asked why she supported the Dallas Cowboys, she defined that had never stayed in anyone place lengthy enough to feel an affinity for an NFL staff. She beforehand dated Billy Harrington, one of McGarrett’s SEAL buddies whom she had labored with. Steve McGarrettLieutenant Catherine “Cath” Rollins, USN (Ret.) is the on-off lover of Steve McGarrett. How or when they met is never absolutely defined, but it has been implied that they have identified every for an extended time. It is likely they’d have had to hold their relationship a secret as a end result of strict fraternization guidelines in the U.S. navy and the reality that McGarrett outranked her.

He was first launched in the episode “Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko / The Truth Within”. Jerry was classmates with Chin Ho Kelly at Kukui High and so they were within the college band. The Five-0 staff largely tolerate and humor him as as a rule, his conspiracy theorist ramblings provide the staff with a lead or useful insight right into a case. After a lot pestering, in season 6, McGarrett finally lets Jerry have his own “office”—an empty file storage room in the basement—and formally hires him as a “marketing consultant”.

After killing his brother Michael to protect Kono, he and Kono depart Hawaii and go into hiding. He comes out of hiding after his brother’s loyalists are no longer a menace. At the beginning of Season 5, Adam proposes to Kono and on the finish of this season they marry.
“She’s a wonderful addition to the ‘H50’ household and the fans will definitely get pleasure from what we now have in store for her,” stated showrunner Peter Lenkov. “Let’s simply say that the apple would not fall far from the tree.” Her role lead to a return of McGarrett’s girlfriend Catherine, who “shamelessly flirted” with a federal agent to get information about her. Her treason causes the death of Joe White and many Steve’s SEAL pals. August March is a famend diamond smuggler who was jailed for over three decades and had been released from jail for six months, in accordance with Captain Fryer within the season 2 episode “Kalele / Faith”.
It is implied that they are in a relationship as she is talked about by Dr. Bergman numerous occasions in conversations with different members of Five-0; Rumer Willis, who portrays Sabrina, has only appeared twice on the present. It is revealed in the season 7 episode “Ka hale ho’okauwel / House of Horrors” that he married Sabrina throughout his sabbatical. In season four, Mary adopts a child lady and names her Joan, after her father. Steve was initially in opposition to it however he comes to simply accept Joan after being forced to babysit her for the day. Since then, Mary and Steve have reconnected and she or he often sends him movies of Joan. Chin Ho Kelly Officer Kono Kalakaua is a fresh HPD academy graduate who was recruited by Steve for the new task force in the pilot episode. Despite her slight frame, she is well-versed in martial arts and is a talented marksman .
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Dr. Bergman is dating Sabrina Lane, a bank teller at Hawaii National Bank. He first noticed her in the episode “Haʻawe Make Loa / Death Wish” whereas at the bank and had a crush on her at first sight. A botched financial institution theft occurred minutes later leading to Sabrina being shot and Dr. Bergman having to place his medical expertise to use whereas being held hostage. Following the incident, he eventually works up the nerve to ask her out.
In the first a number of episodes of season 1, she works beneath the watchful eye of her cousin and rapidly wins the trust and confidence of the opposite group members. She is detained and questioned by the HPD, having been accused of stealing $10 million from an HPD asset forfeiture locker.
She calls her father “Danno” and is the one particular person he unconditionally allows to name him that; McGarrett would mock Danny utilizing the nickname or with the tagline “Book ’em, Danno”, a lot to Danny’s exasperation. Grace is called after a former companion of her father’s who was killed within the line of obligation by a felony. In the season eight episode I Ka Wa Ma Mua, I Ka Wa Ma Hope Danny dreams of the future and Adam has a baby with Kono. Through his investigation, he discovers he has a half-sister, Noriko, who tries to govern him by threatening Kono, Chin, Abby and Sarah. However, Adam ends up leaving the island after his informant, Jessie, is killed, however, at the identical time, Noriko is killed. In the season eight finale, Tani discovers a gun in Adam’s home, leading her to imagine Adam could have been answerable for Noriko’s homicide. For instance, when the Five-0 group uncover a yakuza burial web site, it is revealed that he knew nothing about it.

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Lamb, 27, was not requested to enter a plea to 1 count of first-degree homicide and 10 counts of kid abuse within the death of 2-year-old Athian Rivera. Stuffed animals and notes of condolences were seen, Feb. 22, connected to a fence around a dumpster at a Cheyenne, Wyo., condo complex where a 2-year-old boy was found dead. Prosecutors charged a Cheyenne man in the dying of the boy whose physique was found within the dumpster. Wyatt Dean Lamb faces one rely of first-degree murder and 10 counts of child abuse for the demise of Athian Rivera, in accordance with charging documents filed Monday. Alm is pursuing murder and tried homicide expenses in opposition to officers in a separate taking pictures that killed a 16-year-old Micronesian boy. Myeni then asked one of many officers for money to buy meals and tried to get into the again of a police automotive, Alm stated. During a news conference in Honolulu on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm declares he won’t be submitting charges in opposition to officers in a shooting that killed a Black man.
Kamekona comes from a sometimes large Polynesian family and sometimes mentions various relations every time one of the members of Five-0 wants a favor, whether or not for a personal matter or for an investigation. His late cousin, Thomas Hoapili, was a grasp of Kapu Kuʻialua, an historic Hawaiian martial art, as is Thomas’s daughter, Maggie . In the season 10 premiere, it’s revealed that Jerry had been shot, persevering with the cliffhanger left within the Season 9 finale. Two weeks later while recovering in a hospital, Jerry begins serious about transferring on to different issues after his close to demise expertise. After helping Five-0 with a model new case, Jerry in the end decides to move on from Five-0 and write a guide that he now not wished to put off till it was “too late”. Cath is a “Navy brat” and moved round regularly because of her father’s various assignments.
In the seventh seasons a hundred and fiftieth episode Steve learns from Catherine that she was captured after trying to break Wo Fat’s father out of prison. Steve and Catherine together with the rest of the team go to Morocco to break her and Wo Fat’s father out. Later Doris is seen once more in Season 10 Episode 7 where she is reunited briefly with Steve for slightly earlier than she is stabbed and dies. Gerard Hirsch is a identified conman who did time in Halawa after being arrested within the episode “Uaʻaihue” for stealing a Van Gogh portray and for forgery.
Their friendship turns into barely awkward after each discover that Will and Grace had been dating behind their backs. In the series finale, Catherine cracks the present’s ultimate mystery- a cypher Steve’s useless mother Doris had left for him. This aids within the seize of the show’s ultimate villain- the wife of McGarrett’s long-time nemesis Wo Fat. In the final moments of the collection, Steve and Catherine are reunited as they get ready to depart Hawaii.
He is a extremely skilled hacker who sometimes helps the Five-0 team with instances associated to the cyber-crime underworld that require a extra underhanded approach. He was killed in the Season 8 episode “E uhi wale no ‘a’ole e nalo, he imu puhi” / “No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise” after his identification as a CI was leaked. Doris McGarrett SpouseDaiyu Mei Wo Fat was the principal antagonist and nemesis of Steve McGarrett. He is well-known in the felony world for his ruthlessness and ability to wriggle his way around the law. In the one hundredth episode, he kidnaps McGarrett and tortures him with a heated cattle rod and truth serum.

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